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Create that gorgeous feed and 100x your Instagram

How would you like it if your Instagram feed looked amazing and your account was growing consistently, driving customers to your site, basically on autopilot…?

What if I could teach you not only how to achieve those results but also how to cut the time you spend doing Instagram in half?

From 500 to +50k followers in 12 months

Even before I started my blog Virginia had always been urging me to start one and giving me ideas to further myself! She has helped brainstorm with me multiple ideas and methods how to grow my followers, particularly on Instagram. I have since gone from 600 followers to over 50k followers, launched a blog, and been featured on many outlets including…


So, what is in the superpack?

The Instagram Superpack is everything you need to build a successful following on Instagram and kickstart your business. It’s a collection of e-books, expert reviews, and bonuses.

E-book 1: The Instagram Action Guide

  • 62 pages full of easy-to-implement strategies and concrete examples
  • How to reduce your management time by 50%
  • A workbook section to help you create content for your target audience
  • The complete process on how to create, evaluate, and adjust your strategy
  • Simple hacks you can do RIGHT NOW to reach your goals more quickly

Hear Tina’s Story!

Working with Virginia was one of the best learning experiences
I’ve ever had: she’s a wonderful teacher, who is not
only smart and talented but teaching comes naturally for

She has this incredible way of making overly complicated
things seem simple and easy.

E-book 2: The Fashionable Feed

  • 26 pages focusing exclusively on how to create that instagram-worthy Instagram feed
  • An easy step-by-step process we use to create a visually appealing & effective feed
  • How to find content when you don’t have any content to post
  • Case studies on different aesthetics from different niches
  • Individual exercises will leave you with a clear plan and ready-to-post content

“The Instagram Action Guide gives you so many strategies you can pick and choose from that there’s no way you can’t create an action plan that works for you.”


But that’s not all, here are your bonuses

Free Instagram Toolbox

This is the ultimate list of ready-to-use tools and
software to help you manage our account. Make
your life easier, technology for the win!

Expert Interviews

Find out what other famous Instagram Influencers have to say
about becoming successful on this platform. How does their
everyday life look and which are their favorite strategies

Private Facebook Group

Exchange ideas, get help, find friends,
and work together with other talented
fashion founders.


What if I already know a little bit about Instagram?

Not a problem, the guides contain so many different strategies that you’ll still learn something new.

How long do i have access to the bonuses?


How long does it take to work through these e-books?

Depending on how thoroughly you work through them i’d say between two days to one week.

What if i don't have an IG account yet?

Not a problem, the superpack will help you start out well and see growth from day one.

What if i need more help?

That’s what the Facebook group is for! We’re all super nice and helpful. There are many people in the group who have a lot of experience and are more than happy to share.

What if the strategies don't work for me?

That is highly unlikely. These guides contain the same information that has helped Tina grow her account from 600 followers to over 60k in a little over a year and my friend Karri went from 0 followers to over 50k and a solid email list of several thousand people. These strategies work if you implement them correctly.

“Success is a choice made by you”

Let’s grow your Instagram, together.

The IG Action Guide

IG strategies to quickstart growth


one-time limited offer

  • Instagram Action Guide
  • Fashionable Feed
  • Instagram Toolbox
  • Facebook Group
  • Expert Interviews

Best value

The Instagram Superpack

The IG Action + Bonuses


instead of $98 incl. bonuses

  • Instagram Action Guide
  • Fashionable Feed
  • Instagram Toolbox
  • Facebook Group
  • Expert Interviews

More success stories…

I would recommend up and coming designers, bloggers and basically
anyone who wants to start an e-commerce business and develop a
strong online presence to reach out to Virginia. I believe her history and
experience have taught her valuable lessons that you won’t find in any
textbook. Virginia has gone through all the ups and downs that come
with being a founder and that makes her a fantastic resource.

Nicole Quiroga, Carolina Herrera

I was not sure where to start with kicking o my new business so I
looked to Virginia for advice. She not only helped me with building,
branding, and marketing my new company but shared so much
knowledge and informations that were invaluable!
With her help, my Instagram account grew from 0 to over 50k!

Karri Becker, AerialHoopTricks

“The fashionable feed book is great. I love the individual content section. I found that the most helpful with different posting ideas.The shapes and textures category is a nice addition, something I had not really thought about. The Instagram Toolbox is cool, there are a lot of apps I didn’t know about.”


If you do not have IG analytics, this analysis is imperative. Understanding
when it’s best to post to get the best engagement is key, as
well as learning on what kind of content does best. My biggest issue
was low engagement and the analysis oered a lot of really helpful

Alina Orozco, Besos, Alina

I absolutely loved the Instagram e-books and analysis from Virginia.
It really gave me a good insight and tips on how to craft a more cohesive
feed. I would recommend it to any up and coming fashion

Clara Virgen Silva, uptownurbanclara